Welcome your friends, clients, guests in the unique context of a SWISS TOP EVENT in Locarno.

Cannes is pure glamour, Venice is always beautiful, Berlin is amazing… All extraordinary,
but Locarno turned out to be the most unforgettable experience that remains in your soul and heart…

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Next Edition:  

7-17 august 2024

Feedback from our Customers:  

“Ms. Sabine Rettich played a pivotal role in coordinating numerous events for the entire MANOR GROUP from 2004 to 2018, including events of great significance that were prominently featured as Top Events in Switzerland.

Throughout the whole period, Ms. Rettich efficiently managed the organization of one of the most crucial VIP events for Manor at the Locarno Film Festival.  Her exceptional professionalism in tope event management greatly supported the Manor Team in the establishment and growth of the Leopard Club, a venture that significantly elevated the status of this event as a distinguished highlight of the LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL. Her unwavering dedication and professionalism in hospitality were highly regarded not only by the entire MANOR management and ownership but also by the esteemed guests of the LEOPARD CLUB.

Sabine and her team diligently oversaw the comprehensive organization and the coordination of this prestigious gala, consistently striving to surpass expectations year after year.  They consistently introduced captivating new decorative setups to meet the exacting standards set by our management, with a particular focus on the welcoming protocol to receive important personalities, including politicians from the Federal Palace and international actors and actresses.

In addition, Special Events Consulting displayed the same exceptional professionalism in managing Manor’s corporate evening at the Film Festival, meticulously attending the event the smallest of details.  This not only enhanced Manor’s visibility bit also cultivated an image of remarkable style for the company.

In recognition of this outstanding collaboration and the exceptional efforts invested, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Sabine Rettich and her entire team.  We fully endorse her professional capabilities to anyone seeking similar services.  We eagerly anticipate continuing our longstanding and trustful partnership with MANOR SWITZERLAND under her guidance in the future.”

Valter Marconi (Manor)
Sponsoring & Events Manager

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