Meeting & Congress

Setting Vision, Goals, and Objectives for Productive Meetings…

Define your vision, goals, and objectives to drive productive meetings. By addressing key questions and outlining solutions, you pave the way for a successful gathering that addresses challenges and meets objectives effectively.

A clear vision sets the direction for your goals, while well-defined objectives shape your meeting’s purpose. By articulating these elements, you not only enhance the meeting experience but also facilitate smooth plan implementation. Aligning your project with broader business objectives ensures its relevance and justifies its execution.

As your dedicated event planner, we provide comprehensive support for all your meeting requirements. From meticulous planning and venue selection to accommodation arrangements, catering services, and engaging side programs, we offer multilingual local staff and end-to-end supervision to ensure the success of your meeting or congress.

Collaborating closely with a network of professional suppliers, we manage all coordination efforts on your behalf, ensuring a seamless and efficient event execution.

Our clients feedback

Hi Sabine,

I want to take a moment to properly thank you, on behalf of the whole Parexel team on site, for the fantastic 5* superior job done during this ICML 2023.
You clearly know the end clients and their needs due to all your experience, we are very lucky to collaborate with you; I will make sure to renew my feedback to the wider Parexel team of Project Managers who might come to Lugano for other meetings, not just Roche.

Thank you for going above and beyond, it surely makes our life easier and reflects so well on the clients!
please extend our thank you to Cristina and Alessandra who took care of Villa Ciani all week.

Valentina Casati
Project Manager Parexel Meeting Services UK