designed for companies with the aim of enhancing staff motivation and teamwork.

Golf is 80 – 90% a mental game. Those who manage to achieve great results mainly work on themselves rather than on technique. In fact, it is the expectation and mental focus that determine success. In professional life, the attitude towards the problems to be solved and personal esteem are equally important: Golfme, through analogy thinking strategies, favors these aspects.

Duration: half day including the award ceremony, an aperitif and lunch or dinner.
Golf knowledge: none. The course does not require golf knowledge.
Location: in one of the countless golf courses in Ticino and Northern Italy.

Upon request, it is possible to integrate in this activity a company meeting, coaching or a training activity.

– consolidation of teamwork
– performance improvement
– increase of motivation
– enhancement of the working climate
– improvement of stress management

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