The best way to reactivate team spirit!

running all year round outdoor as of min 15 – 100 participants (by foot)

With the City Game App you are guided through the city with a map on the iPad, visit the hidden corners and discover little anecdotes about the city.

The entertaining and full of surprise city game, based on the use of the iPad, is able to promote creativity away from “thinking inside the box”, it requires the activation of new perspectives for problem solving in teamwork with determined action to achieve new goals. An innovative way to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle in the context of a suggestive city of the Canton of Ticino of your choice.

Thanks to the GPS system, you will be guided through the city in small groups and gradually receive various challenges on our iPads. To beat the other teams, you need to take the best photos, record the craziest videos, pass the funniest tests, and / or become real “QR code hunters and details that are visible thanks to advanced reality techniques”.

At the end of the given time, the team with the highest score achieved by completing the required challenges wins the game! In fact, the key word is “quality”, not “speed”.

Also available in a Digital DETOX Version –  Classical version with Task-Book printed

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